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  3. 歡迎光臨 安徽費洛卡重工傳動有限公司!
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    公司地址: 安徽省六安市經濟技術開發區壽春東路8號
    當前位置:主頁 > 關于我們 > 公司簡介

    安徽費洛卡重工傳動有限公司位于中國齒輪之鄉、電機之鄉美譽的安徽六安國家級經濟開發區內,是國內領先技術的歐式減速電機在中國的制造商和服務商。公司占地面積6.6萬平方米,現有員工200多名,年產減速電機3萬多臺,產值1.1億元 。



    費洛卡重工擁有自主進出口權,產品遠銷歐洲、美洲、亞洲、非洲等30多個國家和地區,“FLK ”品牌在國際市場享有盛譽。




    Anhui Ferrocar Heavy Transmission Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and service provider of euro-type helical gear motors and industrial gearboxes in China. Our production base located in Lu’an state-level economic development zone in Anhui Province which with the reputation of “the home of gear and motor”. The factory covers an area of 66,000㎡ with more than 200 employees. The annual sales are 110 million Yuan with annual production over 70,000 sets.

    FLK gear reducers adopt advanced gear modular technology with one-stop solution including R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Our main products are K series helical bevel geared motor, R series coaxial helical geared motor, F series parallel shaft helical geared motor, S series worm helical geared motor , H&B industrial gear box, P series planetary gear reducer, LSJ speed reducer for wire-drawing machine, QZ series hoist gear unit and other non-standard gearboxes.

    Having strong ability of independent research and development in gearbox industry, we obtain over 150 technology patents and some of them have filled the gaps in the industry. Our products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, aerospace, chemical industry, railway, shipbuilding, environmental protection industry, etc.

    Our company is licensed to handle all import and export activities and the products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East and so on. “FLK” and “MRD“enjoys good reputation in the international market. We will provide superior quality products, favorable price and best service for customers.

    Our Aim: Integrity, Innovation, Brilliant, International

    Our Concept: Creating World-class FERROCAR with Faithful Management, Leading Technology and Excellent Quality.

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